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The Lesbian Herstory Archives is home to the world's largest collection of materials by and about lesbians and their communities.  Herstories:  A Digital Collection contains digitizations of a small number of the 3,000 oral history cassettes in the Archives' collection.

Recently Added Items

"Lesbians and Literature" panel discussion at MLA conference, undated (Tape 1)

Preceded by short presentation from representative of the recently vandalized Diana Press. Speakers, in order of appearance: moderator Julia Stanley…

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Judy T., 1978 (Tape 2)

Judy discusses butch and femme identities, social interactions, and role play within relationships. She expresses relief over how these once rigid…

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Andy, 1982, April 20

Andy further discusses how she came to construct her butch image. She recalls getting into fights with men and having to give up good jobs because she…

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